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If you've ever been to therapy or been on the internet, chances are you've heard about self-care. Surprisingly, this is my first post on this site about it. I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I talk about self-care a lot. So what exactly is this buzzword phrase that's been going around for a while now? Self-care is exactly what it sounds like- taking care of yourself [intentionally]. But what on earth does that even mean?!?! Self-care includes literally taking care of yourself (personal hygiene, sleeping, and eating), spending time with yourself and others, and doing the activities you enjoy. Take a moment to jot down three activities you truly enjoy and how you can fit them into your daily routine. Maybe you listen to an audiobook or jam out to some music on your commute. Maybe you send a meme to your group chat once a day. Maybe you make time to have a cup of coffee or tea every morning before work. There's no wrong way to do self-care and it doesn't need to have as much pressure as we tend to put on it. Some basic self-care activities we should strive to complete every day are drinking water, eating, getting some sleep, keeping up with hygiene, having a creative outlet (this can be something artsy, watching a game, reading a book, listening to music, yoga, etc.), and social engagement (even if it's just sending your one meme). Self-care is a combination of things you have to do to stay physically healthy and alive (eat, drink water, take a shower, brush your teeth) and things that nourish your soul. What will you do to nourish your soul today?


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